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Looking For LG TV Service Center In Bangalore? Then You Are Right Place. LG TV Service Centre Bangalore provides you the best ever TV service experience on your LG TV products. We have doorstep service and our main goal is to deliver a fantastic customer satisfaction.

We have best ever LG TV Technicians on our platform and they perform their peaks to make your LG TV product beautiful than the older. Call Our LG TV Repair Service Bangalore Now. 


Our LG TV service center Bangalore is undisputed among all other service centers located in Bangalore with experienced technicians with their tremendous efforts. Our LG TV technicians provide you a safety and secure service and builds up a well being repair environment at your home stairs.

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The Televisions are one of the most valued in time home appliances. We can watch the movies and other TV shows with the help of TV’s.

Now a days in lockdown, The TV’s are the stress busters for many people. Our Professional TV Repair technicians will solve the issue and make it live again at affordable price.

Other LG TV Problems stated by customers in Bangalore Like Picture Pixel Breaking, Mid Line On TV Screen, White screen, LG TV Audio Issues, TV Picture Scramble, Getting Sounding ECHO From LED/LCD Speakers.

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“LG TV Repair Service Center in Bangalore  area. #1 LG TV repair services will be provided with in an hour. 150+ TV Technicians near you in bangalore. Call our toll free to book appointment.

LG TV Service Center Bangalore

LG TV Service Bangalore, Reliable and On Time. Our expertise and professional TV service power us. We at LG TV Repair Service believe an endless possibility and realization of dreams for providing best TV repair service in bangalore. 

We are at LG TV Repair Service Bangalore, constantly moving, never standing still enhancing our TV repair service skills. We are evolving and advancing in technology to challenging the new frontiers and pushing for perfection in every LG TV Model in all dimensions.

Our journey take us front in LG TV service in bangalore innovation and excellence. Our LG TV Technicians will go beyond and above your TV problem to find out the issue & provide quick and permanent resolution. We keep going and creating more unique resolutions for the problems of your LG LCD LED TV models.


Lines in Picture

On LG TV, while watching your favorite show or movie, if you are unable to see the clear images/pictures, there could be a problem on your LG TV. If the lines are appearing on the TV screen, you need to get in touch with our LG TV repair expert.


The discoloration is on a Television a common issue. While viewing any movie or a match, the Television colors fade away slowly & sometimes the variety of colors appear on your TV screen. Initially, this problem appears on one part of the screen and then shifts to another side. To resolve this problem on your LG TV, you need an expert. Call our LG TV repair service Bangalore.

Sound without Picture

This type of TV issue can frustrate us while viewing. It’s usually happens that when you turn on the LG TV, you get the sound but the screen stays blank. The probable reason behind this Television problem could be damaged by cathode ray. Hiring a skilled and professional TV repair expert is the best solution to this problem.

Problem with TV Remote

In case your LG TV is not responding to the remote inputs, changing 2 batteries can help you to get back to your TV. Even after changing to new batteries, if TV is not responding then, there is some issue with the TV remote. You can get your TV remote repaired at LG TV Service Bangalore.

Hearing an tv Echo

When there is an issue in the tv sound system, the TV creates strange types of noises. If you hear a strange noise from your LG TV, it is advised to disable/separate output speakers. Even after plugging out external speakers if you still hear an echo, then there is a problem in the speakers of your LG TV.


TV Shut down Itself

Many TV Customers complain that, their TV shut down itself after watching some time. Power cable or overheating can be a reason for shutting down the TV. In case you keep the room temp cool and still face this shut down problem, you need an expert for TV repair service Bangalore.

Broken TV Screen

Due to physical accident or mishandling, if the screen of your TV is cracked or broke, The cracked screen might display vertical or horizontal bars, double images, intermediate lines may be abnormal images. To get it rectify this problem, you need the help of LG TV expert. The expert would replace the broken TV screen.

TV is not Turning On

Have you noticed? Many times this happens that users try to switch on the TV, but it doesn’t turn on. Power fluctuations and burned fuses are common causes of this kinda problems. Moreover, other than that sudden electric voltages cause damage to the components of your LG TV. To know the real cause and get your TV fixed, you can hire a technician.

Freezing Screen

When you turn on your LG TV, the screen of the TV freezes on single image or the brand logo or restarts. Only LG TV REPAIR SERVICE BANGALORE can explain the reason behind this problem. You can book an expert now in Bangalore resolving this issue.

No Picture No Sound

Ooh! It’s a common issue when your TV turns on but there is neither sound nor picture. The reason for this audio video could be the wrong input. You can change the input or source. Even after changing the audio video inputs, the problem does not resolve? there is a need for a LG TV repair service.



LG TV Service Center Bangalore strongly believe that, we are the go-to company for LG television repair in Bangalore. Why you may ask? Well, our lg tv service is first class and we have 10+ years of experience in the television repair industry. We repair all problems with LG LED LCD Televisions so if you need your LG television repairing immediately call our team of friendly technicians.

Our affordable LG TV Repair Service Center in Bangalore is a phone call away. Dial 080950-15439 or alternately visit our repair shop.

Service Areas

Our LG TV Repair Services Expanded To Bangalore City

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Bommasandra To Yelahanka

Get your LG TV Serviced with in 2 hours with our exceptional service. LG TV Repair service Bommasandra. LG TV Service Center Yelahanka

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Bhanshankari To Marathahalli

Oh! It may be far for you to come over for your LG LED LCD TV Repair Service. But not for our TV Technicians. We Are Every Where In Bangalore

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Yeshvanthpur To HSR Layout

As 5 of our TV Repair Centers located in Yeshwanthpoor and around areas, hence we are just 15 minutes away from your door. Call Now.

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Kormangala To Peenya

Oh Well Well Well! Here is the deal. Just call our LG TV expert and explain the TV Issue. Where ever you are our TV Technicians can reach.

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In this faster world, transition of TV technology, design and innovation in repair services leads us to a luxury life style which every one insists. Our LG TV Repair service Bangalore brings you a new real life experience to your Television which ever the model it is. We at LG TV repair service bangalore, always find a solution to your highest TV Problems.

We are happy to serve you with a exclusive experience to bring back life to your LG TV. In digital world, bringing a TV life back as good as new is next dimension. But we at LG TV Repair Bangalore are here at your service to make it happen.

Our Happy Clients

Murali Pillaei

Great tv service. my LG LCD was screen broke by my kid and i thought its useless for me. but i called this service in bhanshankari as last hope and they fixed it as new as good under 4000 rupees. go for them.

Kundan Kamaraj

Very good service. the technicians took well care themselves and tv. they wear mask & sanitized, and they carried my tv to their car. Got my tv back in 2 days with neat working condition. Thanks guys..

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Divya Reddy

super fast service. i think this team got more number of technicians in field. 2 members came immediately after call and repaired TV at my doorstep itself. its sounding fine now.

K. Maduri

good service. They behave polite and work professional. visiting charge 350/- if any hardware its extra depends on tv. but they explain you clearly about the issue. let you google it too.


Today, as we all are going through a big pandemic time, right? you will witness the best and professional TV Repair Service In Bangalore with clean and sanitized technicians. Our ultimate success to this far, is all our 100% customer satisfaction.